whatthefrikfrak: Hiloooo your art is so amazing and I was wondering what type of materials do you use ?

Thanks! I mostly just use a lot of felt tip pens and ballpoint pens.

geminami: Hi! Have you ever seen the work of Del Kathryn Barton? Your work sort of reminded me of hers <3 xx it's very beautiful

I’d actually never seen any of her work before looking her up just now, and it’s really wonderful. Thank you!

secretlifeoftoys: Hi! I really like your Tamarind 1 illustration, would you mind if I engrave it onto a piece of glass? I'll source your name/username at the bottom or back if you'll let me. Thanks!

Sure, go for it! All I ever really ask of folks who want to use my original work for personal purposes is to credit me and show me how it turns out. Thanks for asking!